Tuesday, December 07, 2010


A State Department friend found it hilarious and ridiculous that after the recent Wikileaks disclosures of the thousands of classified documents (which I haven't yet had time to read--must find the time before they disappear!) from U.S. diplomatic sources, a general email was sent out to SD employees saying that although the information was now available to the public, they weren't allowed to access it from their work computers because it was still classified! Nutso, and really counterproductive, because of course any halfway curious SD drone otherwise uninterested in the data was now wild (thanks to the tantalizing prohibition) to read as much as he could. And, come on, if it's been declassified either de jure or de facto, it's in the public domain, and saying it's off-limits is silly—especially if you are dying to know what your boss REALLY thinks about her diplomatic counterparts.

At any rate, I checked Drudge for the first time ages this evening, and Lo! Interpol has a warrant out on the Wikileaks guy, after two women in Sweden claim other sort of leakage entirely…

It sounds so much like a Steig Larsson novel I can barely stand it.

If this isn’t a setup (and even to a militant non-conspiracy theorist like myself, it has a peculiarly convenient odor about it—there’s got to be a hefty payment to an offshore bank account somewhere to one of the duo of regretful blonds), U.S. government officials are sacrificing thank offerings to the gods tonight.

I’m just waiting for this headline: LOOSE CHICKS SINK LEAKS.

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