Monday, December 06, 2010

Quick Update

Quick update re: the state of KYP’s world.

No, I haven’t died, been hospitalized, or even come down with the sniffles, though I have been sneezing a bit from the cold (considerable) and the dust (occasional). I have been working four part-time jobs like a madwoman; last week, I managed to get in more than 60 hours of semi-profitable labor in six days (Tuesday through Sunday), so as a consequence I am fried mentally and physically. There simply hasn't been time to write, though there have been (notwithstanding the pedantry of this post) plenty of interesting events, conversations and observations to write about.

Periodic fits of pushups have been my own formal exercise of late, as one can drop behind one’s tableclothed jewelry display and pretend to be looking for boxes while actually pistoning up and down insanely without anyone noticing. Or maybe they have noticed and just silently assumed that I’ve gone round the bend. I will have if I don’t get to the gym soon.

I bought a Persian rug for my living room to replace the one that’s too big and upside down (the front is too ugly to show--the back is pretty, but having the pile down makes the whole thing "creep" along the floor, so it develops dangerous wrinkles). I plan to sell the unbeloved one.

My dissertation advisor wants to meet with me this Thursday evening. I am terrified, as I have nothing to show her. The rationale behind my crazy work schedule this semester is to have made enough money by Christmas to afford to be able to work on my dissertation full-time next term. I have almost accomplished this. I am not going to get a TV until I have at least two chapters written. A film-fest on a flatscreen will be my reward to myself. I plan to sit on my new rug with my new gigantic Polish pottery punchbowl filled to the rim with hot buttered popcorn and veg out. But only after I have turned in two chapters. By March, maybe?

Ira wants the revised book manuscript in hand in the next two weeks. Have promised to send it to her by 20 December. A Californian who knows about the project also wants to read it, but he has no leads on publication venues. I have written myself a note to approach university presses in the Midwest.

My Christmas party is coming up on 11 December. I need to get the house organized and clean, and food prepared. And I have several jewelry commissions to finish between now and then!

Must go shower, have a short quiet time (also much neglected of late) and grade papers. The children are doing Russian history skits and videos tomorrow, and I want to give the professor their final tests before he starts harassing me about them.

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