Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

After ANOTHER Saturday of rain (Anita and I actually went to the market yesterday at 7:30 AM, but no one else was there in the drizzle but for a miserably damp Asian woman we didn't know, so we ate breakfast at the Silver Diner and parted to our respective apartments to return to bed), today was beautiful--perfect sunshiny Resurrection weather.  If I hadn't become so overwhelmed by pollen, I might have felt like going out after church (Leah was so sweet to invite me for dinner with her family!), but as it was I sat down at my computer and finished the very last, absolutely final, I-swear-there-can't-be-a-typo-left corrections to the English manuscript of the book formerly known as Two Motherlands, Two Fatherlands [In a day or so, Irina will be sending it off to two published American authors she knows (one of whom has a literary's hoping it's catching!) and the real effort of getting it accepted by a respected press in this country and/or the UK begins].  Then I vaccuumed the house and breathed a little easier. 

I wish I were being more faithful about blog posting--life has been full of "interesting cultural experiences" lately--but what little time I have been able to muster for typing has been dedicated to listing things for sale online (Etsy, eBay and Amazon) and to the slow slog through Pirogov's unfinished autobiography.

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