Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick Update

Went down for a "short nap" yesterday at 5 PM and woke up this morning at 9 AM...guess I was a little fatigued. 

Saw "Captain America" this evening with a girl I met at a party on Friday (along with an Extremely Cute Russian guy from Moscow...he didn't seem to be impressed by my new Hermes perfume, which my scent-savvy coworker (the bestower of this fine elixir) told me was "catnip for men"...nor did the new haircut or the strapless dress garner much male attention...).

Working a lot--my AC bill was $95.95 for last month, and that's with being gone for a week!!--and still trying to straighten up my tornado-hit-it apartment in the evenings.

Dealing with deep-rooted bitterness, long-cherished and semi-suppressed, that's bubbling over in tears lately.  Pointed sermon on the subject this morning at church, which Mr. B (who spent last weekend in the hospital, recovering from a mild stroke) attended with me.

Nominated my friend and co-translator Irina for an independent scholar award for Slavic area studies research.

Talked with a recently-published author about the TMTF project and cajoled him into critiquing my agent query letter.  It took him six years to get his own work published, but it's rated top-50 young adult adventure fantasy on Amazon.

Made a couple more lamps, but the upcoming estate sale in Bethesda is stuffed full of goodies, so there is no need (or room) to bring any more in.

Still no Bertram (my furry potential roommate)--we were supposed to see if we'd hit it off over a two-week trial period, but his current mistress hasn't called me to set up a date.  And once September rolls around I plan to be gone several weeks, so she'd better contact me soon or wait until the beginning of October.  I really want someone to cuddle up to!

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