Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quirky Signs & Symbols and Abundant Wildlife

Mums and I had lunch with Grandmommy on Wednesday and continued on from Middle Georgia to Savannah, where we found lodging on the beach.  We weren’t hungry for any supper after the great midday meal, but was there amongst the salad greens in the pattern of our Tybee Island hotel bedspread some foliage of a munchies-inducing nature, or was this simply my imagination?

This morning we went for a long walk on the beach.  We found half a dozen large dead jellyfish washed ashore…

And a living starfish waving its arms in a tidepool…

And then I rescued a giant (platter-sized—I wish I’d photographed my foot beside it!) horseshoe crab in another pool, which a couple of jovial rednecks had left upside down with its legs waving after holding it up by its trailing spine—it was a good 2 feet long from front of “hoof” to spine tip)...

And they displayed a fish which quickly buried itself in the sand to its eyeballs after it was returned to the water.

I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of the five or so dolphins which swam offshore, but I did note that some humans ranked lower than animals on the TI pier.

While some semi-domestic animals had their own management agency…

And, among non-Muggles, there's got to be a Quidditch match going on forever under the sea, because their snitch is missing ... 

We’d first realized this was going to be a signal trip when we saw, emblazoned in large letters on the pumps at a gas station in Sandersville, GA, this proud claim, the “small print” to its banner announcement of “double-filtered” fuel: …SYSTEM CAN NOT BE BYPASSED….  I think they meant it “cannot be surpassed”.

At Tybee the sign outside the local diner read:

Now, “home-cooked” meals are legendarily tasty, but as Mums said, the dishes that are concocted in Home Ec classes tend to be infamous.

In the Soul Food category, we’ve encountered some deep thoughts on wayside church billboards, some more philosophically obscure than others, including "Those who remain in the valley will never go over the hill" and "God wants us to get in the game, not to keep score."

And then there is the lure of discount shopping:

These were antiques that didn’t quite make the retail grade at the factory, I guess.  [To be fair, I ended up buying three lamps there.]

We’re now on Amelia Island, in Florida, and aside from a few misplaced commas, as comfortable and content as could be.

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