Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year

First, I need to wish my dear sister in law a happy birthday, as I slept most of the afternoon away [despite discovering Tomato, my honorary nephew's cat, had piddled on my futon (or scared his companion into piddling) while I was at church this morning--I put down a towel over the wet spot and put in earplugs, and I was gone] and neglected to phone her...

Then, it's time for my annual goals list--of last year's, I actually tried the cat acquisition, which didn't pan out, due not to piddling but to allergies, and I did see quite a few of my lamps sold in estate sales (and several in galleries) so if that counts as "artwork" that goal did get accomplished:

My goals for the Year of Our Lord 2012:

1. Since I'm no longer writing a dissertation, I want to write a best-selling novel.
2. I want to see my non-fiction Russian co-translation published! 
3. Visit Ireland, Canada, and the Czech Republic--or three other countries to which I've never been before. (This one’s a repeat from the last two years, but third time's the charm!)
4. Buy property out west for a writer's/artist's/craftsperson's retreat.
5. See at least a dozen of my quilted bags sold in a gallery.
6. Pay off at least half of my financial debt to my mom.
7. Resume my personal physical fitness training and develop decent abs and non-bubbly thighs that I won’t be ashamed to show off come swimsuit season!  Mums shouldn't be the only one who looks good in a string bikini.
8. Go out West with my mom and my brother and see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone again.
9. Go shooting with my new pistol!
10.  Meet Stan Lee, Eric Shanower and Steve Franks (or Steven Spielberg--I'm not picky) and get their autographs.

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