Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Just Denser, Right?

The baby shower Saturday went off well, thanks to Leah serving as primary point-person for our quartet of hostesses and arranging a really good selection of edibles for the event.  We other girls did our bit, of course, but I must say that the food was justly the centerpiece of the festivities prior to present-opening. 

This morning, on a whim, I weighed in on an antique shipping scale at the warehouse where one of my several bosses stores his art collection and discovered to my horror that I topped out at 136, a full nineteen pounds more than my regular college weight.  And my fifteenth college class reunion is just three weeks hence.  Curiously, I am still wearing the same size jeans as I did back then, and though there's certainly a small muffin-top is mine to shed before May 10, I wonder where the majority of the extra poundage is hiding?  Maybe I'm really now what would have been a size eight in the 1990s, which the designers are now passing off as fours and sixes in an effort to keep their expanding customer bases () happy...Or perhaps (as my boss cheerfully suggested) I'm just more dense these days?

Oh, in so many ways...

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