Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Apartment

Bob got to DC about 11.45 PM.  He’s spending the summer with me while doing an internship at a local medical center.  Somehow, over the last two days I managed to get enough stuff out of my “crafts room” that I was able to set up an air mattress and make enough space for him in the closet.  Much of the junk that had cluttered up the main sitting area and the crafts room is now teetering in large piles in my own bedroom, making it look like a true hoarder’s den.  Jewelry components, lamp parts and stacks and stacks of fabric make the passage from the door to the bed and the clothespress an adventure.  And that’s not even considering the paper, scads of it, mostly notes from grad school and Russian translations, which occupies a good ten boxes, which are supporting the piles!  I hope that the sheer horror of being crushed by all this stuff will force me to deal with it at last, and throw out most.  I made a donation run to the library and to the Goodwill this afternoon, and then packed my car to the roof with newly-wired lamps and recently-watched DVDs, plus other assorted smalls for estate sale consignment, items which have been lurking in my living room for months, so that cleared out a bit more space for the two of us to share. 

I have new, noisy neighbors in the apartment above mine, and I got a letter the day before yesterday from the complex management company reminding me that because I signed a two-year lease last June, my rent is only going up by $40 per month beginning this June 1!  Oh, frabjoyce day.  And I have a federal income estimated tax payment of $1000 due mid-month.  It’s going to take a miracle to break even anytime in the near future—I’m deeply grateful for my bank’s free overdraft protection, because I’m drawing on it pretty heavily these days.  But I’d really like to make it through just this one little year without having to ask for outside (family) help!  My book-inventorying job doesn’t resume until mid-June, which means I won’t get paid until the first of July.  However, if my estate sale consignments sell this weekend, I will be doing a lot better—that’s certainly occasion for prayer.

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