Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something I Ate?

It’s astounding, really, to observe how fast a person can go from being hale and hearty to begging for quick merciful death, but even a minor bout of food poisoning will do it.  Just past midnight Wednesday I woke up with acute stomach cramps, and at 5 AM I was still lying curled on the cool tile in my bathroom, realizing that my grand scheme for finishing the whole book-cataloging project out in Potomac by Friday afternoon was just not going to happen. 

August has been a mad rush.  By Sunday I had worked 160 hours in just three weeks, which I know is nothing for your average health-care provider but for an hourly-wage slogger in the estate sale world, it’s a decent cumulative.  Besides, I was taking care of six cats and one dog in Rockville, so there were ears to rub, mouths to feed and poop to scoop once I was off the clock at my day job(s). 
Even before the food poisoning, I’d lost eight pounds in the last six weeks.  Sadly, it wasn’t fat, it was all muscle, because my schedule hasn’t permitted me to get to the gym at all.  And now in post-poisoning mode, I feel too weak to lift a chopstick.

My friend arrived safely in Seoul, South Korea, last week.  I’m going to have to figure out Skype.  On my last day caring for the furries in Rockville, my friend Mary’s mother, who had come down to welcome her daughter, son in law, and new baby from China, was Skyping with her other daughter in Singapore— one of those “gee, you’re online, let’s chat” casual conversations, just catching up on the minor details of the last few days.  Technology is awesome.  Just a couple of decades ago, getting a long-distance (only out of state) telephone call was something of an event; now one can idly shoot the breeze, looking at the other’s transmitted image, with someone on the other side of the globe without incurring a huge bill.  It certainly does make international moves less onerous, when you can see and talk to your friends and family on a regular basis. 

While we’re on the subject of Southeast Asia, I continue to enjoy K-drama, courtesy of other’s internet connections.  My nudist temporary roommate sent my own hotspot into the red zone in just a few short weeks (before I concealed it, off, in my room, just before I left for Rockville), and I haven’t turned it on more than a handful of times since, mainly to communicate with potential roommates via a local churches housing bulletin board.  One such in-person meeting I unfortunately missed yesterday due to the aftermath of the food poisoning—a nine-alarm fire wouldn’t have budged me from slumber.

I’ve just rehydrated and eaten a couple of ginger cookies, and now my stomach is roiling again.  If I can just get back to unconsciousness, perhaps all will become right with the world and my insides.

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