Friday, September 07, 2012

Local Events

Mr. B got married this evening.  As I am wont to do, I was napping at ceremony time, and so missed the wedding itself, though I made it to the after party.  I felt considerably handicapped by my lack of Spanish (pretty much everybody there, including the bride, was Chilean), but managed for a bit in English and then went back to my building to intercede between Mr. B's cat and a new resident's feline, who were exchanging swear words on the stoop.  I petted both of them and advised peaceful coexistence, but since when has a cat listened to a human?

I did my first home visit for the estate sale company.  I'd never actually been on one before, so this was throwing me into the deep end with a command to sink or swim.  I swum. The house was in Alexandria. Superb location, exquisitely clean. But there were only eight pieces of furniture in the entire house that she wanted us to sell for her, and a decidedly modest number of smalls, including a set of Lenox china, some odd cups and saucers, and some pressed glass chilled shrimp servers.  Most of the furniture was "country" style and pine, neither of which does well in DC.   I did mental math as I was perusing the house.  Bookcase --$100 (if we're lucky--they haven't been moving at all lately). Pine cabinet--ditto.  Drafting table/desk--$200.  Baskets--$50. Painted breakfront--$400 (again, if lucky--it was country style). Contents of breakfront--$400. Oak side table--$250 (it was really cute). Antique oak cabinet--$400.  Dark Victorian wood table--$300 (what we'd ask for it--what we'd be likely to get was closer to $150).  Battered pine box--$200 (sometimes people really go for the "distressed" look).  Large glazed ceramic planters--$150. Clothes/shoes--$300.  More baskets--$75. Puzzles--$50.  Artwork: $400.  Four lamps, one hideous and another not working: $250. Other miscellaneous office and kitchen items: $400.  Tot all those numbers, and you've got a figure that's way below $5000, much more so below the minimum $15,000 estimated sales we need to justify taking on a house.  And she didn't want anything brought in, and she didn't want to pay for moving the items off-site. So there we were.  I turned down the sale. 

On the way to the appointment, I passed a high school with the usual bulletin board advertisement of a fundraiser.  Selling mattresses.  I've heard of schools selling candy, baked goods, wrapping paper and plants, but I'd never seen a mattress sale fundraiser before.

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