Monday, October 01, 2012

Eighth Blog Anniversary

Today is the eighth anniversary of this foray into the blogosphere, a landscape considerably eroded by the Facebook tsunami, before whose onrush I refuse to bend.  I've averaged about 140 posts a year, despite my considerably reduced output of late, when I am overwhelmed by work and distracted by DramaFever. 

Happy in singlehood for several years now and always intimidated by the prophet Samuel, who warned the Israelites against their selfish demands for a king "like everybody else", I have long avoided expressing any prayerful desire for--just maybe--having a nice guy come along for me.  Sure, I have ongoing spells of the usual superficial "gosh, he's HOT" flashes (I haven't yet become subject to the "gosh, I'm hot" flashes), but serious prayerful petitions I haven't submitted.  I guess I'm more than a little afraid that they might be answered affirmatively.  And I sure as there's a hell below and a heaven above don't want some rotter.  But I did, in a humorous manner, actually ask my Bible study on Wednesday to pray for me a husband "of Korean extraction", as I've become enamoured of the phenotype.

And I've got such a good group of married friends, who are faithful to include me in social activities despite that I'm close to being one of the only unattached people they know!  On Wednesday I met my honorary niece Grace for the first time (she's only just come from China) and discovered she loves "horsey" rides. Her proud parents took us out for dinner that evening. Thursday night Rachel and the NPV and I went out for pho at a good restaurant near their house, and I got a Vietnamese moon cake for dessert at a nearby sweet shop.  Then I spent Thursday and Friday nights at Susan and Steven's because my air conditioning unit died and it was 82 in my apartment--and I'm not a person who sleeps well in the heat. Saturday the outdoor temperature had dropped to the pleasant low 70s, so I was able to open my windows and enjoy a pleasant breeze.  Sunday, I had lunch with the Wiggle family, Merry, June and little Augustus, who has teeth, and when he got tired went over to his quilt-lined playpen and made "put me in" gestures--and once in, lay down immediately and went to sleep.  I've never seen a little kid do that before. He's a general sanguine little soul.

But, I also got some unwelcome news Sunday.  Susan and Steven got word from the Marine Corps powers that be that they're to be shipped out of the DC area, just a few months after my latest small honorary nephew makes his appearance.  I told them that if they get posted to South Korea, I'm going with them. 

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