Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Xrayed and Fondued

The radiological tech presented me with a CD of xrays of my right foot this morning--toting films has come a long way from the days of oversized folders holding large sheets of silvered plastic.  Having dug around in my wallet for a considerable period (like a lot of people's, I suspect, it isn't stuffed so much with cash and credit cards as with old receipts, notes on paper scraps, and business cards from people long forgotten), I managed to unearth my insurance card, and thus equipped I went to an urgent care clinic first thing, to assure myself and others who'd been badgering me to get my foot checked that nothing was seriously amiss.  It's pretty swollen, and my foot feels loose, like the bolts at my ankle have been sheered off, and it's just swinging free, but even a non-radiologist like myself could see clearly on the computer that my bones were intact, though the tissue swelling was visible, ghostly around the solid white.  The physician on call, who looked about 14, gave me a list of orthopedists should I continue to have problems--I may have torn a ligament, he said, but the xray wouldn't identify this.  While I was getting vetted, I went ahead and got a flu shot, despite swearing them off several years ago after that horrible reaction, because my insurance sent me a voicemail saying that they'd pay for it.  How much of the rest of this visit they'll pay for is unknown.  I have an enormous deductible, but at least I didn't have to fork over a $75 emergency room fee.

My friend Leah and I went out to the Melting Pot for a Girls Night Out yesterday.  My lackluster experience at the restaurant some four or five years ago seems to have been unusual, as both the food and the service were superb.  We two had such a good time talking over our multi-course meal that our waiter gushed that we were the nicest customers he'd had since he'd begun working there, and insisted on bringing us complimentary champagne to accompany our dessert.  After 2 1/2 hours of dining, we practically waddled out to the car--I don't think I've eaten so much at one go in months.  And in a bonus 20% of the evening's revenue went to breast cancer research.  Again, I was reminded how grateful I am for old friends!

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