Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rip van KYP

I've spent the last three days in bed, thanks to a common cold.  Most of that time, I have been dizzy, then unconscious.  How can anybody sleep for almost 24 hours at a stretch and then repeat the process thrice?  I've done it.  Today I've stayed up for six hours thus far.  Thank God I am at my mom's, so there's someone to check occasionally to make sure I'm still breathing. 

Thanksgiving, other than the encroaching cold, was very good.  I had Meal One with Paxifist and her family Wednesday night, then Meal Two with my dad's side of the family in Charlotte on Thursday.  I was the only representative of my branch [as my mom was over at her fiance's, Bob was hunting (and studying 'tween deer with his iPad in his treestand), Nate and his wife were at her mom's, and S Dawg en famile were in Rhode Island], and there were none from my dad's brother's, so it was a considerably smaller gathering than usual.  Still, it was wonderful catching up with cousins, and the food was fantastic.  The cold germs had made some inroads by that point, so after dinner I took a couple hour nap, then continued on to Augusta.  My mom and her fiance and I drove down to Middle Georgia for Meal Three on Friday at Grandmommy's.  I slept in the back seat both ways, and after dinner.  When we got back to Augusta, I went right to bed, which began the three days of mostly sleeping.

It's probably exhaustion, on top of the cold.  I might be a slug by nature, but this is beyond the norm.

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