Monday, November 19, 2012

Work Interlude, Pinkie Toe Break

If death and hell are in the power of the tongue, life and heaven are within the purview of the pen.  I had my first meeting with Mr. Lollard today.  I looked through the guide to the family archives, which fill more than a score of grey acid-free cardboard boxes on wire shelves along the walls of the basement office, and then talked with him for an hour about what he wanted to include, how he wanted to proceed.  Basically, I encouraged him (as he is home alone with his wife over the holidays), to begin thinking about holidays and celebrations past.  The book is to begin with a tale he made up while serving overseas, which has come to be a family favorite—and from the context of that tale flows details that will thread through the whole history.

I don’t think that you can write well about anything personal in which you are not emotionally invested, though it is true that whatever you may find emotionally moving may not shift others in the least.  Certainly, you need to have a more than superficial purpose in creating a family history—merely relating a series of stirring episodes, without having any deeper intent, might not even excite the reading next generations, but it certainly won’t impart any lessons to them.

Enough pontificating. The end result, at least for the first quarter of next year, is I’ll be working for the Lollards 2 days a week until such a time as it becomes necessary for me to increase that commitment and upgrade to a full-time position.  Before Mr. Lollard has several pages written down, there’s no need for me to try to work independently, and we both agreed that it will be several months before we have a clear picture of where things are going.  I’ll be continuing to work for the estate sale company in the meantime, though on a slightly reduced schedule; so, for better or for worse, I’m not “divorcing” that job as rapidly as I’d previously expected.  In a way this is good—I will get to be a part of the former (and future) Korean consulate sale in January—though it also means that I may well continue to be scraping by for the foreseeable future (though less close to the bone because of the two-day proper wage earning).

Metaphorical bones being scraped; real bones are faring worse.  I certainly won’t be doing any heavy lifting for the next month, as I have broken the pinkie toe on my right foot, the same foot whose ankle I badly sprained only a month ago.  I’ve got my bruised nubbin of a tarsal taped to its neighbor, but WebMD says it could take 4 weeks to heal.  It hurt so much when it broke (I hit it against a chair leg, there was a “snap” and it stuck out at an odd angle) that I was inarticulate for a couple of minutes.  Right before bed on Saturday, too.  The top of my foot is blue.  I was so good this past week and had actually gotten to the gym four times!  And now, with this latest injury, I’m unable to exercise again.  I am comforting myself with ice cream, peppermint drops, and miniature M&Ms.

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