Monday, December 10, 2012

New Pastor/New Passage

For the first time in my life, I am older than every single member of the pastoral staff at my church.  The congregation voted by a 97% margin to accept the search committee's recommendation for senior pastor, a young man from Scotland who's been one of our assistant pastors for several years, who we were all hoping would be the pick, as his sermons are always clearly focused on Jesus.  He's in his early 30s.  The newest assistant pastor is in his mid-20s, and the older is just a year or so younger than me.  It's a whole new generation.  They are all guys I respect, to whom I've given an assumption of seniority, not only because of their office, but because they are all married with several children, and mostly taller than I am.  I've retained from childhood an assumption that when one is adult one is tall, and usually a parent.  Since I am short and childless, I am eternally youthful!

The Georgetown craft sale went pretty well, though poor Anita made only a third of what she earned last year.  She and I and another girlfriend are supposed to have a show at the latter's home tomorrow night, but thus far, out of almost 200 invitees, only three have responded affirmatively--and one of those was the hostess and another was me!  We three queens of jewelry may be sitting around eating the snacks we've assembled and emptying the bottle of wine we've opened by ourselves.

The house we are setting up for this weekend's estate sale was owned by one of the first female spies to work for the Office of Strategic Services, the World War II forerunner of the CIA.  She spied against the Germans in Egypt, and married a State Department official who later became a Middle East ambassador.  Their library of Arab-world related books is pretty impressive.  I recognized many of the authors from my Georgetown graduate days.  Next up for our company, immediately after Christmas, is the sale at the former Korean embassy.  If I had a lick of creative literary sense, I could turn this all into an espionage thriller....

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