Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thanks, Ladies!

While I am still slightly sloshed, relaxed and typographically chatty, I should take the opportunity to give thanks for my dear girlfriends (sorry, guys!) who have made this past year such a pleasure...  In no particular order, they include:

S Dawg, my sister, whose politics irritate me, but who is always willing to talk...when she actually answers her phone.  She may be crusty at times, but she is and will be always my sister and for me a source of interesting stories and intellectual enrichment, besides a site of familiar mental and emotional processing--don't underestimate the importance of someone who will comprehend why you wore jeans instead of a dress to church, as you covered your legs in ink sketches on Saturday night which hosiery couldn't conceal Sunday morning.

Rachel, wife of the NPV and my dear friend, who not only redeemed my middle name for me this year (after I'd spent 37 years disliking it), but also was the first person to nod with understanding when I explained my theory of American social class (particularly with regards to romantic relationships) to her.  Such a kindred spirit is a treasure.

I am overwhelmed by valuables!  Susan (and, by happy association, Steven) continues to maintain our established friendship despite the continuation of my crazy work schedule and the onset (and near completion) of her pregnancy with another of my small honorary nephews.  I am so grateful for married friends who continue to include me in their coupled lives, and imbed me as an "aunt" in their familial worlds.

Speaking of which, Paxifist has supported me and my youngest brother in prayer this year!  She is someone whom I've telephoned at ridiculous hours, for whom I've left repeated panicked messages on the phone, and she faithfully follows up.  Bob may not know it yet, but Paxifist is a prayer warrior in his support team.

Leah, who, like Paxifist, has been a moral and emotional support despite her parenthood of a bright and active boy.  Gracemom, who adopted my honorary niece this summer, who became an estate sale coworker this year.  Debby, my sister in law, whose originality and sweetness are always a bright spot in my life.  Heidi, who gave birth who another of my honorary nephews, whose grandmother's youthful nude pop-art self-portrait always makes me smile.  Mel, my estate-sale boss, reminds me that "office jobs" are not necessarily to be preferred to our hobo existence.  My mother, my aunts, other female friends far and near and acquaintances. So many encouragers.  I am truly blessed.

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