Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Year In Review/The Year in Preview

The biggest event of this year so far is the birth of Susan and Steven's little son, my latest honorary nephew, Theo, this morning at around 3:30!  I am blogging from their house, as they had an apple-cranberry crisp in the oven when Susan's water broke last night, and they just switched off the heat and left it there and Steven asked me to come by and put it in the fridge.  It was still warm, and perfectly baked, when I got here, so I had a scoop of that and four chocolate-chip cookies for supper.  I am drinking milk again (I didn't notice a significant reduction in symptoms when I quit, and frankly, I love dairy too much to forego it).  Milk and cookies are a great way to celebrate a New Year.

So, a review of last year's ten wishes list, and the introduction of this year's...

I did start writing what will (of course, inevitably) be a best-selling novel.  I didn't get the co-translation published, but this year, I will, by golly.  I didn't travel outside the US in 2012, but I have a $450 plane ticket voucher I have to use by November 2013, so that's a means to accomplish that end.  I didn't buy any real estate, but I did buy many, many more art supplies.  None of my quilted bags sold, but my lamps did pretty well.  My mom didn't get a cent back of the money I owe her, but I managed to refrain from borrowing much more!  I'm not in the best physical shape, but injuries can take some of the blame for taking me away from the gym.  I still want to go traveling with my "baby" (thirty-year-old!) brother, but that depends on his availability and willingness.  Didn't shoot anything, targets or otherwise, but now carry an axe in my car.  Missed ComicCon and so those autographs, which was a bit of a bummer.

So, these are my goals (wild wishes!) for the Year of Our Lord 2013:

1. I want to finish the best-selling novel and get an agent.
2. I want to see my non-fiction Russian co-translation published!
3. Maybe the fourth time's the charm as far as international travel (I do have a leg up thanks to the plane ticket voucher): I want to go to the Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland and (new this year!) South Korea.
4. Buy a condo (if only they'd convert my apartment complex into condos...!); I am so tired of seeing my rent disappear every month without any growing equity to show for it.
5. See at least two dozen of my lamps sold at galleries and estate sales (I achieved a dozen in 2012--I'm doubling up for 2013). 
6. Pay off at least a third of my financial debt to my mom.
7. Resume my personal physical fitness training and develop decent abs and non-bubbly thighs that I won’t be ashamed to show off come my honeymoon.  No, as of today, I'm not seeing anyone, but...
8. Be discovered by an awesome (Asian?) guy who wants to marry me and get engaged by 11/12/13!
9. Go out West to see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone again. 
10. Make $10,000 in jewelry sales alone.

Must refill my glass of milk and return to the Kdrama I'm watching....

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