Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lamps & Wussiness

OK, truth be told: I am a wuss.  I've been pretty much curled up in bed, moaning over my throbbing right arm, since last Thursday.  My MRI is scheduled for tonight (Happy Valentines Day! Other people get flowers, I get magnetic resonance imaging...)--one of the teachers from my Sunday School class is taking me.  It's not like they are going to sedate me or anything, but I just felt like I needed someone to go with me--being by yourself and hurting and somehow expected to gut it out is a challenge.  This morning, I called Amtrak to get assistance with my baggage for tomorrow's trip to Rhode Island and ended up talking to an employee who has a ruptured disc and arthritis, who was full of advice.  I was grateful, but also more than a little sheepish--he's got it far worse, as do my dear Grandmommy (whose eye-dilation last week somehow went wrong, leaving her still unable to see properly) and my bosses sister (whose second breast-cancer surgery last Friday went well)--both of whom have called me over the last couple of days to tell me they are thinking about/praying for me and to let them know what they can do to help!  Sheesh.  They are amazing.  I keep thinking about my sweet friend Paxifist, who's suffered from ongoing arthritis pain since childhood, and doesn't let it slow her down, and here I am with a couple of numb fingers and an aching arm for only a week and I'm worthless, unable to sleep without painkillers, and finding it hard to think beyond the tasks of toothbrushing and dressing myself.

I did make myself go deliver six lamps to consignment yesterday before I wussed out again and retired to the dubious comfort of my overripe sheets.  I sold eight lamps in January; six at an estate sale and two at the consignment place.  I have six more in various stages of completion on my living room floor, but having a mostly non-functional right arm means they may stay that way for the foreseeable future.  A numb index finger makes writing, typing, and holding a Drimel tool less easy than normal.

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