Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MRI Results

So, maybe I have an excuse for being a wuss.  I got my MRI results at long last today (the hospital radiology department was closed Monday for President's Day!), and the scan revealed that I have one mildly bulging disk and two that are really, actually, fully herniated--and both are pressing on my spinal cord, which has a "narrowed passageway" (whatever that means) at that juncture.  So, I have a documented excuse for being in pain.  Whee.  Somehow, this is not gratifying.

I still have numb fingers, which is slowing my typing, but other than aches around noontime I haven't had too much arm pain today, for the first time in almost two weeks.  Rita and I went outside to play in the snow and built a respectable genderless snowperson with the requisite carrot nose.  Brad got home from school at 4 with his Dad and the younguns watched TV for another half an hour until I made them come upstairs and help me make a "Thunder Cake" from the recipe in the back of the same-named children's book.  It turned out delicious.

I keep calling my nephew Bob instead of Brad, because he reminds me of my brother when he was little.  My sister claims there is little resemblance, but they look and act alike to me, and I remember Bob as being a merry soul when he was young, rather than the moody creature he is now.  Brad is a total ham--I am going to experiment  uploading pictures from my iPhone tomorrow--there's not one shot I have without him being goofy.

I have extended my stay in Rhode Island through Saturday afternoon.  The orthopedist can't see me until next Wednesday morning, and I can't work in my current condition, and Rita begged me to stay (of course, she also just wants me to live with her full-time), so I changed my train ticket.  I've been watching a lot of Kdramas (Vampire Prosecutor, both seasons--like a blend of Sherlock and Law & Order, with the undead thrown into the mix) while the children rot their brains on Nickelodeon cartoons.

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