Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dye Job

The floor and walls of the shower looked like a scene out of Carrie once I stuck my head under the water--there was red "blood" splattered everywhere, with rivulets running down my body and pooling at my feet.  It was more than a little freaky.  This gory episode was not the result of some murderous rampage but a wild notion that I'd entertained since high school, when one of my artistic cousins showed up at the family Thanksgiving reunion with her curly hair imbued with vibrant red highlights.  She told me that she'd used KoolAid powder to achieve the effect, which would wash out in a fortnight.

While I had long hair, I was always too chicken to try this temporary coloring method, especially since my hair had lovely reddish tints in it already.  But I always thought that when I got older, and grayer, and my hair was shorter, that I'd experiment with fun colors.  So I did tonight.  I used red food coloring and let it dry in place.  My silver temples are now pink, and the overall color is humorously reminiscent of Russian women's of the early 1990s.  It should be fun to have for the few days it lasts.

I think I'll try turquoise next!

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