Sunday, June 30, 2013


I am 45 minutes early for the evening church service run by the young adult ministry, so the band is running through their songs on the platform in front, and a handful of people of an age that I could have birthed them are messing about with the sound system and chortling with each other in the back. I didn't make it to church this morning, though I woke up in time. I started fooling around on YouTube watching GrumpyCat videos, and then I looked for "happy cat" clips, which led to "cats and vacuum cleaner" videos and before I knew it, it was 9:20. And the early service starts at 9:15. So I went straight to work.

The sale went pretty smoothly except for the "I'm a lawyer and I am going to sue your company because your customers parked on the edge of my lawn" neighbor who actually called the police about it. The policeman basically told him to get a grip, which was really cool of him, I thought. If we have further trouble from this court-happy lizard, we'll get the policeman to talk to the judge on our behalf. America, land of the lawsuit.

My niece and nephew have been calling me over the last month. Talking with them is like those scenes from Singing in the Rain where they are dramatizing the difficulties of introducing "talkie" technology, and the actress with the squeaky voice tosses her head back and forth, which causes the recording to go LOUDsoftLOUD irregularly. Neither Brad nor Rita focuses on the phone, and they have little trilling voices to begin with, and so half their words are lost before they reach me.

Nonetheless, it is so fun to get calls from them! They went to the library yesterday, and Brad phoned to say that he'd borrowed a book about unicorns; "they are beautiful" he confided. He had also gotten a book about dragons.  Rita, on the other hand, had opted for intellectual subjects--she is reading about autism (I asked her if it was so she could understand herself better or other kids on the spectrum) and, perhaps somewhat prematurely, at least one on parenting. This last reading led to the following interaction with her mother...

Rita saw a little brown purse while they were out shopping and fell in love with it. S Dawg checked the price and noted that it was over $100 (another way Rita is my clone--we both have champagne taste). She told Rita that she couldn't afford it. Rita said that she would save up her allowance to buy it. S Dawg pointed out that by the time she had saved up enough, the purse would be gone. Whereupon Rita burst into tears and said, "Mommy, you should never destroy hope!"

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