Wednesday, July 31, 2013

eBay Follies & Northward Forays

My boss has been wanting to get onto eBay for a while, and so a couple of weeks ago, she made me a deal--instead of paying me by the hour for such work, she'd pay me half of the 30% we get from the gross. 

I'd always loathed Barbies.  In childhood, I did not like dolls, and Barbie, with her spider-length legs and fixed haughty expression, was my least favorite of any, and I was always insulted when some adult stereotypically assumed that I liked them because I was a girl. I only became somewhat more reconciled to them when I did some post-graduate babysitting for a girl who watched Barbie videos, and I was impressed by the production values and the well-roundedness of the characters in Mattel's computer-animated depictions of the adventures of their leading lady.

So, it was with a sense of mild irony that I chose as my first eBay listing on the company's behalf a Barbie doll.  Not just any one, it turned out, but among the earliest issued, in the original case, with a colossal wardrobe.  I began the seven-day auction with the opening bid of $25, and within days it was bid up to over $250. And it kept going up.  About half an hour before the auction ended, my boss and I sat down at her computer to look at the listing, and when I logged in I almost said a very bad word in total shock: the person who was eventually declared the winner had surpassed $1300.  My boss and I gasped, "What are they smoking!?" and "What are we selling?" in almost the same breath.  Talk about a banner way to begin eBaying.  I've sold and shipped six more listings since, and most have done pretty well, but no where in the same stratosphere as the first Barbie.  Her contemporary Ken, for example, only accumulated a paltry $200.

My own personal account eBay listings have been sporadic and infrequently successful lately.  One which I thought would attract a lot of attention which has yet to do so is a program from a 1955 show by the Follies-Bergere.  Perhaps I am not a good judge of the appeal of leggy blondes in general.

I myself am supposed to leg it north to New Jersey for a long Friday daytrip.  My friend Mary and her daughter Faith have been requested to make a cameo appearance at a company picnic, and so the three of us plan to drive up early and come back late.  I don't relish tackling toll plazas on I-95, even with an electronic money-suck box installed on the windshield, so I hope the weather will cooperate at least.

We have had more than just "cooperative" weather here in DC the last five days.  It's been absolutely gorgeous--clear sunny skies, low humidity, and high temperatures in the low 80s.  We've all been grinning at each other and humming, "If this be global climate change, play on!"

Our company did two back-to-back estate sales--this weekend and last.  I worked 150 hours in three weeks.  My boss had a bit of sticker shock when she wrote out my paycheck, but both sales went really well and were profitable, so though she may not think so, she's got plenty of money to pay me and everyone else--and herself, if she'd only pay herself a proper salary!  Our listing of the latter sale got almost 3000 views on, proof of its popularity, if the hoards almost pummeling each other at the door weren't proof enough already. 

I've finished painting my old coffee table Russian-style.  It's taken three weeks to complete because of my insane schedule and the weather, which before five days ago was most uncooperative, with deluge after deluge.  I hope to unload it for some decent coin at an upcoming sale--though not the next one, because I'm supposed to be in the South during the second week of setup and the sale itself--my sister and her family are scheduled to pay a brief visit to Grandmommy's, and I want to be there for that, and then there's a surprise birthday party to attend elsewhere (I'd better not be more specific in case the honoree reads this blog!).

The table, pre-varnishing.  I've got to put its little foot-caps back on, once I can find where I put them...

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The table is beautiful!