Monday, August 26, 2013

New Template

Mums and others have noted that for a while it's been impossible to leave comments after posts.  In an effort to correct this issue, I have reformatted the template for this blog.  I look forward to hearing reader responses! 

I will probably add back some of the links to blogs which I enjoy, such as Sand in the Gears, but for the most part, I want to leave this new arrangement as uncluttered as possible.  All previous posts are still accessible through the sidebar (on the right this time).

Thank you for reading! (And please leave a note saying "hi" so I know the comments function in this new template works). :-)


Salmonista said...

I'm reading this on my Droid and it looks good to me!

Anonymous said...

ok, trying again. I see that now there is an anonymous option--it wasn't there before. Good grief.

Barbara said...

Yay for Comments!

Barbara said...

Went back and read your posts back through July. Left a few comments. ;) Appreciate all your musings, as always! (And, again, I'll say that I'm glad to be able to leave comments. I hope that they are edifying!)