Monday, September 16, 2013

Computer Issues

I don't believe for a second that the post "Wanderings in the Rain" has really garnered more than 600 views.  Someone's pet is probably sitting on the refresh button on their keyboard and thereby lousing up my stats. Cakewrecks this is not!

I've done nothing but sleep today. I managed to remain unconscious (or at least unresponsive) through THREE alarms and my cousins knocking on my door saying they were leaving for church.  I did fill out several online job applications, but at least one kept giving me repeated error messages, so I don't know whether the company actually received it.

I need to call a moving company tomorrow and price getting my stuff down to GA.  I may just rent the largest Uhaul or Ryder truck available and bribe friends with pizza and baklava to help me load it (Mums and an assortment of her kickboxing classmates can assist me with unloading on the other end). If I do this, I have to get it done before the end of the month, because the Discover 5% cash back on gas promotion ends then, and those big trucks get lousy gas mileage.  I'd really rather a company do everything for me, though. 

No word yet on whether the painting I consigned has been sold, and my eBay and Amazon listings are just gathering digital dust.


gnutron said...

Considering the amount of crap you have, you'd need to ply your helpers with amphetamines and whiskey (In that order).

KYP said...

So, are you volunteering, provided I can somehow procure both? ;-)