Thursday, September 05, 2013

Homeward & Westward Bound

My mother is attempting to lure me homeward to Georgia by pointing out that were I to move into her townhouse, I could have a cat.  I would like to have one--a middle-aged, short-haired, convivial lap-cat: a fuzzy beast to keep an eye on me while I sort through all the piles of crap I own and attempt to winnow it to a livable level.  Susan is highly allergic to fur, and she and Steven definitely don't have room for me and my stuff and an animal, too, even if she weren't. 

I am supposed to fly to Colorado tomorrow at noon to stay with my cousins in Denver for eleven days.  I used my voucher that I got for relinquishing my seat on the plane from Grandmommy's birthday celebration last year to pay for the ticket, and housing and meals are free because I'm lodging with family, so the only thing that's costing me money is the rental car (which I got at a discount) and any admission tickets.  And I bought myself a new pair of hiking boots (I'd had my last pair for almost 20 years and worn them out) and one of those Camelback backpacks, the 100 oz. version, so I wouldn't get dehydrated in the dry mountain air.  I plan to pack light, but my camera and computer are going to take up a lot of room in my baggage.

It's been 27 years since I was last in Colorado (my parents took my siblings and me on a train from Durango to Silverton as part of a two-week 2400-mile trip around the West back when I was 11), and I have since heard many more good things about the beauty of the place and the hiking opportunities.  I usually have an excellent sense of direction, so I hope I won't get lost out in the wilderness somewhere, but that's a perk of staying with family--they'll call the authorities if I don't show up for dinner one night!

My cousins have two cats, so I'll get fuzzy beast attention for a while even if I don't end up moving back to Georgia.  However, the prospect of being able to consolidate all my possessions (and myself--because right now my brain is as scattered as my belongings), into a single spot is becoming ever more appealing.  And Grandmommy would like me to be closer, and though she remains in good health living alone, we'll be celebrating her 91st birthday in mid-October and I would like to be able to see her as often as I can for as long as I can.  It doesn't have to be a permanent relocation, but I wonder if it wouldn't be the wisest course right now.

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Salmonista said...

if you do move, maybe we'll get the chance to visit each other somewhere in the south!