Friday, September 13, 2013

Moist Mountains

The weather didn't start to clear until this afternoon.  Charles drove Hermione and me into the mountains to enjoy fresh air and the discovery of mushrooms (not to eat, but to photograph).  We saw at least one bridge that was washed away, and the mountain streams roared frothing along the roadsides, tearing through yards and leaping in impromptu cascades down rock faces next to the highway. 

Vista after the rain.

Moss-floored forest, like something out of a fairy tale.

Biggest 'shroom I've ever seen--the dollar is there for perspective.

Tweensy shrooms. Didn't get proper focus on this one, either!

The carnivorous (er, coniferous) forest reaches out its claws to grasp passersby.

Aspen leaf--the trees were only just beginning to turn gold.

This pretty much summarizes the state of Colorado right now. This was a narrow, clear brook before--now it is a raging monster, far over its banks and tearing away loose earth and gravel by the cubic meter.

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