Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Small Charming Males (Of Two Species)

I spent the morning babysitting for two-year-old twin boys, the sons of my friend DesertRose.  They were surprisingly low-maintenance, thanks to Dora the Explorer and a ready supply of more concrete distractions. I kept picking them up and squeezing them--they are still at the giggling when squeezed stage, and they also like to be "curled" like sets of dumbbells at the gym (this technique was a great distraction when they occasionally decided to have meltdowns). 

DesertRose, who is expecting her third little son in February, offered me her 13-year-old Basement Cat (as LOLcats calls black cats) for adoption, as he is starved for adult attention and too nervous around the twins to come seek it out. He's a beautiful big Maine Coon, and having lived in her house for a month before I moved in with Susan for the first time, I know I'm not allergic to him.  I told her I'd consider it--he's completely healthy and she'd provide me with a carrier so as to get him safely down to Georgia.

Speaking of cuddly guys, it was so good to see little Theo again.  He was radiating cuteness this evening, and so I hauled out my camera and took a few photos. Can you understand why I might feel reluctant to leave DC?

The fierce wild baby, uncaged!

Who can resist that little face with those ears???

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Lenise said...

Supah-cute!! Is the cat still a possibility? You didn't mention him!