Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Three Hours

...that's how much sleep I got last night. I was able to doze off around two, and woke up abruptly at five. I got up to have a banana sandwich for breakfast, in hope that a full stomach would permit me to fall unconscious for another couple of hours, before I had to get ready for work. It didn't.

Really short workday, because my boss and coworker had afternoon plans. Drove directly to Anita's to make jewelry. Struggled with findings for three hours and only ended up with one necklace and two pairs of earrings. Anita's husband worked from home in the office upstairs, and since quitting time he has been engrossed in some semi-computerized D&D-style role-playing card game with a remote friend, and the one-sided dialogue has been hilarious--all about dropping mountains, "stacking the heroics", and "gods willing" this or that magical creature.  Being really tired has few upsides, but seeing slapstick and/or farce everywhere is one.

Having a rotten time finding an affordable mover available on Saturdays, when I might potentially have friends available to help schlep.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Uhaul??