Monday, October 28, 2013

Bro's Blog

The literary incarnation of my Atlanta brother, Nate, has decided to venture into the blogosphere.  He tells me that the theme for the short term will be letters charting the course of love and heartbreak, and though I cannot attest to the content (not having yet visited the site due to an insane and adventurous schedule over the last week), I can wholeheartedly recommend the quality of the writing, as Nate is a superb story-teller, and I've been after him to pen a book for years.  The title (which I will eventually figure out to insert into my sidebar) is The Icarus Project. Note that in the official address the laces are together, as in the States of America, rather than apart, as in the frequent pedestrian self-endangerment.


Broton said...

Actual blood and tears, folks.

Anonymous said...

Any sweat?

Anonymous said...

Yes....the good kind.