Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy National Cat Day!

Well, I am one step closer to getting a cat. The second and final load of my household goods was loaded into the mover's trailer tonight, and my 12.5 x 15' storage locker is now empty.

The rug guy had delivered all seven of my cleaned carpets and their pads to the storage warehouse after lunch, and somehow the good ol' boys I'd hired to haul my stuff managed to get them into the already packed trailer along with the chairs and bookcases.

They dropped off the first load in Augusta this morning, and were back here by 7:30 pm to get the rest.  They say they'll have it to my house in Georgia by dawn tomorrow.  I swear, those guys keep going on coffee and nicotine.  The older one is a New Hampshire hillbilly with only half a mouthful of teeth and a great gift of gab, and his young assistant (whose girlfriend rents his boss's Florida house) is a pleasant guy who eats donuts and loves his pit bull, which sleeps with him in the cab of the truck they drive (it whines piteously for attention while his master--who consistently addressed me as "ma'am"--moves other peoples' stuff).  In the last four days, the guys have driven up and down the East Coast several times, and ventured into the Tennessee mountains and even briefly down into Alabama.  It's a mobile life, but they are their own masters, and the wages are good--not only does the older guy have a rental property in Florida, he paid cash outright for his four-bedroom New Hampshire house ("My granddaddy always tol' me, you don't borrow money for nothin'--never had a credit card in my life.").

The LolCats people are celebrating National Cat Day today. One of the few randomly dedicated days Congress has not expensively recognized.

Hmm, highlights of the last week: Going to the urgent care center and thence immediately to a cardiologist after I had a spell of arrhythmia (turned out to be due to insomnia and stress--the cardiologist prescribed a cup of hot chocolate as treatment for future episodes); getting asked out to a Redskins game and dinner by a long-time estate sale customer (I'll get to see my first NFL game on Sunday! Since the guy isn't a Christian, this will just be another of those one-time "interesting cultural experiences"); working fifty or so hours despite the day lost to health checkups; more letters exchanged with my LDC; falling down the stairs and ending up with a badly bruised left arm (I wouldn't be me without at least one dramatic episode of accidental self-injury per week); locking my keys in my car (I thought I'd dropped them down the elevator shaft at the storage unit, and ended up looking like a grease monkey, with sand and gravel in my hair, from crawling underneath the car searching in vain for a spare key lockbox that Daddy allegedly put underneath for just such an emergency).

I want to have my books on their shelves, and my rugs on the floor, ASAP. To that end, I intend to drive a load of smalls to Georgia tomorrow, spend Thursday unpacking (and handing out candy to trick or treaters), and then return to DC Friday night.  Next week, I am staffing Anita's booth at a national conference here.


Anonymous said...

I may NEVER get my car back! The mover divulged that you have ANOTHER storage warehouse that is essentially full, even though they took several boxes from it. The garage of the condo is so full only I can get through it--and that's a challenge--and the downstairs is full also. I'm going to write a book entitled "My Daughter the Hoarder." Or perhaps "Life with a Hoarder" in reference to my dear husband, who thinks your excessive poundage of books is normal and even delightful.

Barbara said...

Never a dull moment! I bet you're looking forward to a little calm in GA- I hope it doesn't end up being too dull...
Would love to spend some time with you when you get settled. :) Will be praying for all your labors in the meantime!