Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Ninth Anniversary, Seven Days Late!

Hmm, on what can I blame this latest episode of premature senility?  I cannot think of a thing.  I just forgot that October 1 was the ninth anniversary of this blog's launch.  It has only been a bit over a month, however, that my readership has blossomed from immediate members of my family and close friends to (curiously) international.  Doubtless, this is a fluke and the status quo will soon reassert itself.

I can legitimately claim to have been preoccupied lately with the problem of logistics--the one mover on which I was waiting for an estimate quoted the absolutely obscene sum of $7500 for the job.  I cannot begin to speculate what sort of white-glove specialty service I should expect for that amount--truly, it must have been a case of not wanting the work at all.  Unless something remarkable happens, I will be loading a truck myself next week and sending my belongings down South via a hired rig.  The driver told me he may have to take my library down in two loads, since otherwise it may be overweight and subject him to additional transportation assessments!

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Anonymous said...

Whatever it takes--within reason. ($7500 is not reasonable and does indicate an aversion to the job.) It's not like the condo is exactly clean and ready for occupancy, but I'm ready to have you, or at least your stuff, down here. The houseplants are going to need watering soon. They've metastasized and there are a lot of them awaiting your kind attention. You will not suffer from a lack of jade plants.