Saturday, October 19, 2013

Out With A Fizzle

"Oh, you're leaving DC?! We're really going to miss you!"

My wry response to these comments: "It's much nicer to hear people say they'll miss me than say 'Whew! Thank goodness SHE'S gone!'"

I wonder if I won't actually see my friends here more frequently once I've moved to Georgia than I do here?  The last several months I have been so preoccupied by the deplorable state of my finances, planning my impending departure, work, a bad cold and a worse stretch of insomnia (that has returned to haunt me tonight) that I haven't seen Leah and Aaron, or little Grace and her parents, in months!

If I had any further doubts that leaving DC were the best course, my income of late has shrunk to a level where it is not covering a third of my expenses. It's really incredible.

Incredible in the best way was the fact that yesterday was Grandmommy's real 91st birthday, and she celebrated by going on a three mile walk.  Bob, who turned 31 yesterday, moved house (smaller digs, but much closer to campus.

I seem to be having some cardiac arrhythmia when I am resting. Once they finally iron out the major kinks in the Obamacare insurance exchange signup, I am going to enroll and see if I can't get my ticker checked out.

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Grey Magistrate said...

Honest, we're really going to miss you!