Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cinema Paradiso a heavenly film.  I know I am a cinephile with more than 1000 full-length theater-release movies on my IMDB "Have Watched" list, and so it is conceivable that I might have eventually gotten around to watching it on my own, but what ultimately encouraged me to look it up on Amazon (free streaming with my Prime membership) was that my LDC recommended it, saying that not only was the film itself wonderful, the soundtrack was outstanding. 

To me, there were elements of Tom Sawyer in the film, which is not as full of hilarity as the famous Mark Twain novel, but captures the same kindness towards its youthful and elderly characters, without the bitter edge that came to color the author's later works.  It's sad in many places, funny in others, and manages to leave a pleasant taste in the mouth after your eyes fill with tears.  The musical score was truly lovely, and gentle.  It's neither too fast nor too slow, and would be a perfect lazy date-night movie for slow kissing between little sips of wine and larger bites of rich chocolate. 

Since I watched it alone, I limited myself to a 32-oz glass of skim milk.

My LCD's other movie recommendation was Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, which I told him was on the other end of the spectrum from Cinema Paradiso, but I'd give it a go.  Since it's a stoner comedy, I may consume a complementary plateful of munchies with my milk.

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Anonymous said...

I prophesy kidney stones in your future, given the amount of skim milk you consume.