Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hermione is reading and Charles and I are playing Scrabble on his iPad while we all half-watch the Georgia-Georgia Tech football game on the grainy room TV and wait for my aunt and Grandmommy to emerge from the inner sanctum of the emergency roon, where her leg is being checked. The swelling and discoloration were worse today, and when we emailed "glamour shots" of Grandmommy's injured gam to John, he recommended she not wait until Monday, but go ahead to the hospital this afternoon.

We've been here for two hours and Charles shellacked me the first game: I lost by 190 points. Ouch.  At least the Yellow Jackets are winning thus far (17-0).

UPDATE: Tech lost in double overtime. Grandmommy was sent home after almost three hours with a clean bill of health and instructions to desist taking her daily aspirin tablet, so that the knee, and with it, the ankle, could heal (as all tests were clear, the doctor figured she'd just not healed yet from the heck of a bruising she got falling off her bed onto her knee six weeks ago, and that the ankle swelling was related--probably working out in the yard yesterday for more than eight hours, schlepping 50+ lb loads via wheelbarrow every half hour may have irritated things a bit). She's to keep doing what she's been doing and keep an eye on things.  Charles and I quit in the middle of our second game as I needed to be off to Augusta, but he was beginning to trounce me a second time.  I am bummed that actor Paul Walker of the Fast and Furious movies has died--his was always a cheerful presence onscreen, amongst an entire cast that just seemed to be enjoying the sheer escapist silliness of the series.

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