Monday, November 04, 2013

Motherwise Clarification

My friend Amy, with whom I will be spending the next two weeks--Susan and Steven have sweetly put up with me for five months, and I know they need a break, plus the sale we are setting up right now is much closer to Amy in Rockville than to Alexandria--phoned this morning in perplexity about my last post: will I be living with my mother or not when I return to Georgia?  The confusion arises because I will be staying in my mother's townhouse, which she mostly vacated after she married and moved in with John last year. The utilities will be in my name, and I will start paying her rent once I am employed, but the house remains her property, and given that we are mother and daughter rather than landlord and tenant, she retains her keys and passage-privileges.  Specifically, if she's been to the gym and needs to wash up before heading back to husband territory, or off to shopping in my neck of the woods, she'll just use the facilities at my place. Which is her old place.  And right now, there are a large number of her potted plants and other miscellany scattered around my future digs, so she's regularly roaming the rooms.  Not only was my last week's trip meant for me to get a jump on the process of settling in, it was also intended to make it possible for her to move through the house without fear of becoming disoriented among the labyrinth of boxes.  So, I will be living at Mums' house, but not with her under the same roof.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. I'm just looking forward to getting my car back. My car has more adventures than I do.

Anonymous said...

You are supposed to be here through Dec 20th... (or 19th at least) and I'm glad I'm not Mary any more...