Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My small second cousin recently told my aunt, "Grandma, now that I am four, I have to be careful because Minnie (his baby sister) wants to do everything I do. So I have to be careful to set a good example."  I don't know that I will be struck by the same noble impulse towards my younger siblings when I turn 39 in a few hours, but I will do my best.

Grandmommy and I played Scrabble this evening. I won in the end, though Grandmommy had led for a while when she sprinted ahead with 48 points for one triple-word score.  I told her about being asked out by the married guy, and she said the same thing had happened to her in Birmingham, AL, during the war--it makes you thoroughly disgusted, even when your own behavior has been strictly aboveboard, and you innocently accepted the invitation to go out without suspecting the other's background.  God has really protected the both of us relationally and otherwise.

My late afternoon drive through Georgia today was illuminated by a fiery setting sun that seemed to grow larger as it reached the horizon.  The cotton fields (more planted this year than I remember since I was a child--environmental disasters in other parts of the world have made this Old South crop profitable again) glowed orange, and red flames elsewhere along the roadside proved more than metaphorical. There were several red trucks on the blackened verge hosing down small fires in the grass. These must have been intentionally set, since it rained all day yesterday, and there were no other causes that I could guess at.

The Christmas wreaths are already up on the light poles around the old courthouses in the towns I drove through.  It was dark by the time I arrived at Grandmommy's, and she had a hot supper ("only" seven dishes--2 meats, 5 vegetables) waiting. Several of her outside lights aren't working--I need to get one or both of my mechanically savvy brothers to come fix them.

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