Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Documentation

Perhaps it would have been more complex if I had changed my name or my vehicle, but it took a total of an hour and ten minutes for me to get my new license and registration in Georgia--including time in transit between the two offices and the waits indoors to be called to the teller windows. And both ladies who helped me were so nice, and we had relaxed chats while they made sure my paperwork was in order.  Gosh, it's good to be home--and they both welcomed me back warmly.

I have yet to make a single piece of jewelry for next week's Georgetown show, but I've been sleeping wonderfully, and getting many things unpacked and arranged around the house. My mother had left a few items she didn't need, and combined with those I brought, I have determined that we are ready for an apocalypse, provided the three main shortages are: 1) can openers, 2) disposable bendy straws, and 3) bed pillows. Clearly, we subconsciously foresee universal shortages in these areas, and we are more than prepared!

Tomorrow, I plan to drive to middle Georgia to spend the night with Grandmommy, so I can bring her back up here for Thanksgiving dinner at John and Mums'. Once we've come out of our turkey comas, I intend to take her back home and spend the night again, then return to Augusta, officially a year older.  I hope it doesn't keep pouring rain like it did today (probably a contributing reason for the low lines at the DMV and tag bureaus, though when I remarked on this the lady at the tag office said it wasn't the weather but the day of the week that accounted for the low crowd volume--"Oh, rain doesn't stop them!" she responded. "It's because it's Tuesday.")

Incidentally, Georgia lets you smile for your license picture, so I'll no longer look funereal in my ID photo, though I sighed a bit when the lady was over-typing my older stats (from when I was 16--they never changed my weight and height on my GA licenses when they were renewed before, and I was still in the system!)...I gained an inch in height and 24 lbs. in weight.  And to think I believed 112 lbs. was heavy in high school.  But, on the bright side, I've more than 200,000 miles of driving experience since then, having navigated from Washington state's Olympic Peninsula to the endmost Florida Key, from Columbia, SC, to the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and up and down the Eastern Seaboard more times than I can count.  I hope my little Honda will hold up for another 200,000!

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