Friday, December 13, 2013

Headaches, Errands

I hate it when the hamster in my head gets bored on its wheel and decides to amuse itself by gnawing on the wiring behind one of my eyeballs.  Or so it feels when I am developing a migraine.  I went over to Susan and Steven’s this afternoon at 2:45 to help with Christmas party setup, and lasted about 20 minutes before I felt the unmistakable twinges of a major headache developing on the right side of my head.  So I took two extra-strength Tylenol and retreated to my old room in the basement, where I slept for three hours in total darkness.  And as a result was no use whatever to party setup (I attempted to redeem myself with cleanup assistance afterwards), but at least my headache was gone in time for the festivities.

Traffic in DC over the last three days has just about given me an ulcer, if not a headache.  It took me more than an hour to go less than four miles on the beltway yesterday, and Wednesday morning’s trip to Falls Church for my final teameet with Rachel was a 75-minute crawl in gridlock.  This morning, I drove to Georgetown to drop off the check for the History Honor Society fundraiser proceeds, and pick up a load of books from my German professor friend (titles like “Was Hitler Darwinian?” promise to be hot sellers…), and I sat amongst fellow frustrated midday drivers in a construction-addled mess below the university on Canal Road for 25 minutes, a stretch that should have taken between three and five minutes to negotiate.  I will most certainly not miss spending so much time in the car when I move back to Georgia—I’ve burnt half a tank of gas in the last two days!

I don’t think I’d ever been so grateful for nasty weather as I was on Sunday.  It was the ending day of the huge Potomac sale, and we’d been slammed Friday (100 people—we counted—waiting in line in the rain at 10 AM) and astoundingly busy Saturday.  Sunday promised to be a nightmare, as the heathen hoards rushed in, tossing things hither and thither in their mad scramble for deals.  But we had snow and freezing rain from the morning.  Still, people came out in droves; we could only imagine how bad the crush of customers would have been had the weather not been awful!  It was a lucrative sale, just an overwhelming one. 

This week, I’ve been mainly running errands.  I dropped off a consignment of jewelry at the store where I’ve been selling my wares for years in Alexandria, I picked up an item from my postbox that I’d bought online (one of the few things among all that I’ve purchased over the years that proved on receipt to be totally unlike its description—I contacted the seller and told them I was MOST unhappy and that I was going to return it, so they’d better give me a full refund!), I took the leftover Polish pottery from the Georgetown sale back to my friend in Manassas (who had her baby girl on Tuesday), along with her money from the event.  I’ve gotten the oil changed in my mother’s car (the detailing will have to wait until I get back to GA—the salt on the roads here makes any washing instantly obsolete), and a bunch of other smaller tasks done, including one trip to the gym for a long-needed workout and my first visits to a Tuesday Morning and to a Habitat for Humanity thrift store, both of which were successful (lamp parts!).

Tomorrow, Amy and Larry and little Faith leave for a week at Disney World, and I’ll cat-sit for their remaining quintet of middle-aged felines.  One week--and many activities and miles--to go before I leave DC for good.


Anonymous said...

What is a teameet? Is that a similar word construction to "Firstate Bank" in Louisville? Is it meeting for tea, or a team meeting, or an obscure burrowing animal?

KYP said...

A meeting for tea. When I see the Firstate signs, I think dander allergies or prostate exams.