Friday, January 17, 2014

I Am The Lamp Lady

When not laid up by lower back pain, I've been busy making lamps.  Pictures!

The shade looks a little cockeyed in this picture, but I thought the whole turned out well!  I'd been mulling this idea for almost a year, and finally had the wherewithal to assemble it.

The floral vase is actually antique and hand-painted, but I rejuvenated it with a nicer base, better hardware, new wiring and a new shade (left the plastic on the shade until I got it safely to consignment a couple of days ago). Antique green glass finial to match.

Classic Asian ceramic vase on a rosewood base. Brass finial.

Hand-painted Chinese ginger jar vase and lid, on carved wooden base. The red shade doesn't match exactly (the red on the ceramic is a little more orange-toned), but I thought it added a dramatic touch.

This is one of my all-time favorites, and the iPhone photo doesn't do it justice--the vase is handmade glass, very heavy, a swirl of blue and green. I painted the wood base a dark Prussian blue to coordinate (the color is so dense it looks like black at first glance).  Need a cool silver-tone finial to match the hardware, but in the meantime it's got a little blah button one.

Handmade vase I bought from a friend of mine (one of her students made it). Flipped it, drilled it, put on a brass cap and a simple wood base, and tada!

Should have taken the plastic off the shade for this picture to give you all the full effect--the shade is faded denim, with leather stitching. Vase is handmade ceramic. A nice young masculine look.

I was thrilled to find this shade and this vase three days ago in two different booths at a local consignment/antiques mall.  Had the carved wood base already, and painted it black with gold detailing to match the rest.  It came together beautifully. 

So, although these lamps are kind of standard (no wild modern examples here), they do represent what I've been up to, artistically, over the last couple of days.  I love finding cool finials, and I am always on the lookout for great shades, and especially those wooden bases!  I've had no luck finding the latter here in GA thus far, and my stock is dwindling.  People on eBay want a fortune for them.  If anyone runs across a store or a person with a cache, who wants $5 or less each, drop me a line!

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