Wednesday, January 01, 2014

January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!  The last year served up some surprises, the chief among them being the sudden necessity of neck surgery, and all that ensued as a result, ending with my return to my hometown of Augusta, GA.  But, despite all that, it was a good year, and, as my sister reminded me this afternoon, ultimately, even on a secular level, what matters in life is not what you did for a living, but the relationships you built, and with whom. 

Today was little Theo’s first birthday! It was such a pleasure to get to watch him grow throughout 2013, from a wee tot to a big boy, from not being able to turn over by himself to being able to climb a flight of stairs in seconds.  I cannot thank Susan and Steven enough for hosting me in their home from June to November, feeding me such yummy meals and putting up with my eccentricities.  Likewise, Amy and Larry and little Faith welcomed me in November and December, though because of my hectic schedule the last month they barely ever saw me, and could ascertain that I was still around only by the steadily-dropping level in the skim milk jug!  Faith always yelled my name with such joy—I will miss her enthusiasm and huge grin.  Anita and Tom also let me crash at their pad while jewelry-making and jewelry-selling, fed me sushi and listened to me grouse.  Rachel and the NPV, Leah and Aaron and Micah, DesertRose, Paxifist, the ladies on my trivia team and colleagues with the estate sale company, my art dealer boss, my two German professor friends, Ira in Russia and my LDC in Korea & Berlin, not to mention others at church and Susanna here in GA, all proved, once again, that they are the best of friends to me, faithful and supportive far beyond what I could ever hope to deserve.  And that’s not even mentioning my awesome family, immediate and extended.  God has really blessed me.

With that, we go on to a review of last year's ten wishes list, and the introduction of this year's...

Neither the best-selling novel nor the co-translation got published in 2013, but Lord willing both will this year!  I didn’t make it outside American borders last year, but I did use that plane ticket voucher for a great and memorable trip to Colorado.  Circumstances beyond my control (the three herniated disks in my neck) meant I earned very little money in 2013, and spent much more on health care, but thanks to my church, I didn’t have to dun my mom for the majority of the shortfall.  Also, thanks to her, although I didn’t buy a condo this year, I am now living in a very nice townhouse—I don’t know if I’ll be able to work out a “rent to own” agreement on it, but that largely depends on my finding a regular job.  My lamp making and selling was curtailed early in the year by my neck problems, and then by the fact that I had to put all my supplies and components in storage.  Still, I managed to sell more than 14 in the first few months of 2013, and once I get my stuff squared away here, I hope to resume this process in local shops and online.  I re-started my physical fitness training late in the year, after my figure took a major downturn, and I’m already feeling better (even if I did just eat a large piece of red velvet cake while typing this blogpost).  There were a couple of nice Asian guys of whom I made acquaintance, and one with whom I continue to correspond (it’s not romantic at this juncture, but that’s not ruled out for the future).  Jewelry sales were lousy in 2013, but on December 31, I consigned 35 pieces of jewelry with a store five minutes from my new home, so I have ambitions for 2014!

Therefore, the following are my goals (wild wishes!) for the Year of Our Lord 2014:

1. Get the non-fiction Russian co-translation of Being Grounded in Love (formerly “Two Motherlands, Two Fatherlands”) published!
2. Make $10,000 in jewelry sales alone.

3. Maybe the fifth time's the charm as far as international travel (I am adding a fifth country, too!): I want to go to the Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland, South Korea and Germany.
4. Arrange to rent-to-own my mother’s townhouse.

5. See at least three dozen of my lamps sold at galleries in Georgia and DC.
6. Pay off at least a third of my financial debt to my mom.

7. Resume my personal physical fitness training and develop decent abs, non-bubbly thighs, and ripped arms.
8. Rent out my mother’s townhouse for Master’s week.

9. Join a prospecting club and go panning for gold.
10. Finish the best-selling novel and get a literary agent for same.

Must refill my glass of milk and take photos for a jewelry listing on eBay…

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batgirl said...

Happy New Year! Maybe you and I can both finish our novels this year, along with the killer abs and ripped arms.