Monday, January 20, 2014


The only food obsession I have that comes close to my mania for skim milk (and my lifelong love affair with sweets as a class) is for peanut butter.  There are days I've eaten the wonderful gummy stuff at breakfast, lunch and dinner, dollopping it onto my morning banana, spreading it on my noontime sandwich, and spooning portions onto my evening apple slices and popcorn.  I grew up eating the natural stuff, which Mums would produce in vast quantities from a red electric grinder--that sucker was so bone-shakingly loud that I expect that were we not already genetically disposed towards hearing loss, the exposure would have still assured our middle-age investment in Miracle Ear.

It makes me feel noble (but makes the peanut butter at the bottom of the jar unspreadable) to pour off the oil that rises to the top of a jar of the natural stuff--I use it to pop corn.  My parents used to make the most wonderful, gooey peanut butter popcorn balls when we were little (I don't even want to think about the caloric content of those sweet, buttery things), and I've wanted some way of getting that great taste without all the "energy" that I don't need.  And then, last week, I was puttering around on Amazon and found that someone had invented cold-pressed powdered peanut butter! A quarter of the calories and a tenth of the fat of the conventional, spreadable kind.  I'd traded in a boxful of media material for a gift card, so I decided to try the stuff, which had garnered rave reviews.

It arrived today in a vacuum-sealed briquet, like coffee, and when I opened the package I found it to have the fineness of powdered sugar--breathe deeply and you could aspirate the stuff.  It's like cocaine for peanut butter fanatics.  Great taste--I made a milkshake with it, and mixed it with honey, and was wowed. Apparently, you can bake with it--I wonder if a batch of peanut butter cookies would be noticeably different if you used it instead of the conventional kind.  Hmm. Must experiment.

My back continues to ache, but I am reluctant to medicate, particularly with the muscle relaxants.  Best not to get too dependent on those things!  Especially as I tend to be even more loopy and peckish than normal on meds, and at present I can't exercise.  It'd be a shame to undo a month's worth of workouts in one week of noshing.

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