Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pains In The Back

Clothes shopping has never been one of my favorite activities, but I did have a good time being with Susanna last night.  She is going to a semi-formal afternoon wedding on Saturday, where "ladies hats are encouraged", and had neither a hat nor an appropriate dress.  She came over after work to raid my hat and hat-pin collections, and then once we'd had dinner we went to Ross to rummage through the clearance racks.  We piled all the possibilities into a shopping cart and headed to the fitting rooms, where she was to spend a solid two hours changing outfits, while I hauled armloads of "maybes" and "rejects" in an out past the staffed counter.  IPhones are God's gift to bored shoppers, I contend--when my back began to hurt, and I was forced to hunker down against the wall in the changing room corridor, waiting for Susanna to emerge from her booth with each successive possibility, I was able to distract myself by fooling around on my phone, checking my eBay listings.  She eventually found two dresses (one for the wedding, one for church) and a cute sparkly shrug, and got all three for around $50 total.  I was happy for her sartorial success, and happy she drove--my lower back was really aching by the time we made it to checkout.

Tomorrow, I plan to make an appointment to see an orthopedist--the nurse at the urgent care had given me a referral, but they never called, and I am hobbling around like an elderly dowager.  My mother and I plan to drive down in the morning to see Grandmommy; I may take some meds so I can sleep most of the way going and coming. 

As of this past Tuesday afternoon, I am the proud renter of several dozen cubic feet of space at a local consignment/antiques mall. I have put out everything saleable that's ready to hand, and it's spread kind of thin, so I texted both of my brothers that if they had anything smallish they wanted to unload, they could feel free to take advantage of it.  All the FireKing lusterware I accumulated for my mom (she loves it, but doesn't have room for it anymore) is ticketed and on display, as are three of my lamps, and a random assortment of other household items. 

I have been "casting my bread upon the waters" with relentless enthusiasm (read: desperation), and must say that I have found the "after many days" caveat to the promised recovery of it to be true--thus far, in addition to the items on my rental shelves, I have eight lamps and more than 30 pieces of fine and costume jewelry on consignment, besides that 19th-century oil painting that I left with the antique dealer up in Maryland in November, the 150+ books I have Fulfilled by Amazon, and the revolving listings on eBay.  Apart from the ten Amazon-shipped books and forty eBay items I have sold in the last month (which isn't enough to cover my basic expenditures, particularly car repair), none of my consignments have yielded any fruit.  This afternoon, I overheard someone attributing the overall slow retail sales conditions to the fact that peoples' Christmas credit card bills have come due, and saying she thinks it will be another several weeks before the stress of that expenditure wears off and people are willing to start shopping again.  Makes sense.

In the meantime, I'll hope to find out whether physical therapy will fully address my spinal discomfort, or whether another round of surgery will be necessary. [sigh]  And maybe, just maybe, I'll get called for a job interview!

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