Friday, January 17, 2014

Say It Ain't So!

For the last three weeks I've had ongoing lower back pain, in roughly the same place where I strained my ligaments and whatnot doing the charity booksale for Aloysha almost a decade ago. Although I couldn't point to a specific event which might have triggered this, I've been schlepping all sorts of things around my house, and so I assumed it just needed time and ab-strengthening exercises to heal. But it didn't get better. I thought my brand-new, memory-foam mattress might be to blame (though I'd never heard of one causing back problems--usually they are credited with nigh-miraculous cures of such things). Two nights ago, I switched downstairs, to the guest room bed, and though I did sleep better, I continued to have daytime discomfort.  Wednesday, after my morning massage, I was reduced to tears by back spasms, and my mom ended up taking me to the local urgent care center.  After asking me questions geared toward the middle-aged menopausal woman, they took x-rays and said that I had some (you guessed it!) "narrowing of the spinal cord passage".  But that it wasn't severe enough to warrant surgery at this time.  So, they gave me pain killers and muscle relaxants, and instructed me to take it easy for a week--no heavy lifting, etc.  ARGH!

I have begun to feel a whole lot better sleeping on the downstairs mattress, though. 

I thought it was just me that was surprised to see how younger people had grown up in my absence, but this ego-centric "other people are left as they are while I don't see them" attitude has had a happy reverse manifestation--people who have known me most of my life assuming that I am still in my late twenties!  It's funny how this has occurred several times over the last couple of weeks.  Maybe the secret to eternal youth is just to return to your old haunts every ten years. 

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