Wednesday, February 05, 2014

A Little More Illumination

One of the things I enjoy about lamp-making is the serendipitous find of just the right combination of colors and styles--in this case, I'd had the vase for almost two years, but this perfect shade didn't come to my attention until a couple of weeks ago, when I was browsing in a consignment shop.  The base of the lamp is wood, and the vase is vintage cloisonné.

 I've had this lamp vase (heavy cased glass with an enamel hand-painted motif of flowers and a butterfly) since I began assembling lamps, but its original base was ghastly, and it's taken me this long to find an acceptable alternative.  The only quibble I have with this base is that, being antique, it has three holes (not visible in the photo) on the top edge for the old push-button on/off electrical switches.  Rather than doing a shabby job patching them, I let them be.
To tell the truth, it makes me sad to part with this piece--I love green, and the hand-painted design of olive leaves and golden berries on this antique double-gourd white glass lamp is beautiful to me.  But despite the ritzy accommodations you can glimpse in the background, I have huge bills in the offing which I do not have the money to pay (being out of work for two months is a bear!), and so I have to scrounge up cash where I can.  I know that one of the reasons I don't want to sell this one is that it was such a coup--I found the vase and base at a thrift store in Maryland for $10.

This was another coup, from an antique mall in middle Georgia two years ago--the bisque ceramic was a nasty brown, instead of cream, because it had been in a smoker's house for decades.  I paid a pittance for the poor thing, took it home, took it apart, and subjected it to a bath in 409.  The dirt literally ran off and puddled on the counter, revealing this pretty color combination.  I love the sinuous Sixties shape, and decided that a Twenties Deco finial would echo the lines nicely, though come to think of it, the finial would look better if it were silver chrome, rather than dull brass...

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