Saturday, February 01, 2014

Breaks, Pipes & Drill Bits

In case you've ever wondered, yes, it is possible to slice your finger on a drill bit.  Especially when the bit's been busy biting through marble, the cutting edges get honed fine, and they'll take chunks out of your fingers in a nanosecond.  I have less skin on my hands now than I did this morning.

I was forced to go to the gym at last after procrastinating about it all day when I got an email from the neighborhood listserv saying that the water was cut off subdivision-wide until 2 AM because somewhere nearby a main pipe had broken. I always shower before bedtime, and there's a shower at the gym, so I worked out for half an hour, then washed up and came home to sleep.

I spent the day drilling lamp vases and marble breaks (lamp components)--I'd found the holes in the latter were too small to slip the standard 1/8 IP pipe which is the core of your standard American table lamp, and so I had to enlarge the hole. I was disgusted to learn that the glass lamp I'd carefully packed to ship up to my friend Rachel (she'd been waiting for it for 1.5 years!) had gotten broken in transit.  Back to square one!

I sanded the rough spots on the oak desk chair I'm enameling cherry red, and I used up the last of the citrus varnish remover on the old bookcase that I'm stripping to the mahogany wood, and spent two hours poking at it with a paint scraper.  One or both of these repainting projects will involve a small quantity of composite gold leaf.

My sore fingers and I had better get to sleep!

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