Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DC Is Frigid!

I drove back up here to DC on Monday to tie up a bunch of loose ends that, despite my attenuated departure, had been left undone.

It's so cold!  And the traffic is murderous. How quickly I have gotten used to the warmth of Georgia and the ease of travel through Augusta!

I may be stuck here beyond my intended departure date because we are supposed to get almost a foot of snow tonight.

I've closed my post office box--found two checks therein and got a small refund on the rental, so that was a nice surprise!  I dropped off four lamps and a framed watercolor at the home consignment store in Bethesda where I used to work--found out that Hope, my nonagenarian former coworker, has chosen to go into hospice, and is taking only desserts and vodka to sustain herself.  Caroline, one of my trivia teammates, had sweetly emptied my ceramics locker at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center, which contents I transferred from her trunk to mine Monday night.  I'm supposed to transfer all the art-inventory data to the dealer's new assistant tomorrow, but the weather may interfere.

Leah is a doll and agreed to help me with my taxes on Friday. I indeed spent more than half my total income in 2013 (a laughably small sum) on medical care, so I should get back every penny I paid in estimated taxes.  I hope. With our tax code, there's no telling!

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Barbara said...

Safe travels! I imagine you would have been without power down here?!?