Thursday, February 27, 2014

Singing & SeoulTee

Somehow I'd gotten it into my head that choir practice started this evening at 7:30, and so there I was, cheerfully tootling along on the elliptical trainer at 6:55, thinking I might even have time to pick up a gallon of milk on my way home for a shower before shooting downtown to church.  On the way out to my car, water bottle and keys in one hand, iPhone in the other, it occurred to me that tonight's practice might be guys only, as our director had been planning a men's ensemble for an upcoming Sunday.  I opened my email, scrolled down, and "Crud!" found out that not only was the full choir due at practice, it started at 7!  By that point, it was 7:03.  So I was 20 minutes late and in my smelly sweats, but I made it.

Singing in the choir is just so much fun!  Out director is a gem, and always makes funny remarks.  And the theology of the songs is clear, even if the tunes and parts are complicated.  It's a pleasure to hear everyone blending together, the parts cascading in alleluias from the sopranos through the altos and tenors down to resonate in the bass section.  After rehearsal, I went out to Starbucks with a fellow alto who speaks Russian and watches K-dramas (she and I have made a pact to finish our online TESOL certificates in the next few months), and we talked for two hours.

Speaking of English teaching and the Korea connection, a few weeks ago I started watching the YouTube channel of SeoulTee, a man from New Hampshire by way of Florida who has been teaching English (and practicing judo), in Busan, South Korea, for the last three years.  I was impressed by his careful, informative videos about what life teaching (and working out) was like over there, what to do and not to do.  He reminded me a bit of my friend Dex (similar jawline and energy level), and so I was not surprised to find out, like him, he'd been a software engineer for years.  Tonight, he posted a new vlog about five ways you can find fellowship as a Christian in South Korea (I just had this feeling from the way he behaved on camera in his previous practical advice shorts that he was a believer...which was one of the reasons I asked him to connect on LinkedIn a few days ago), and I urge my readers to check out his blog:

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Barbara said...

I am just now ending my partial/voluntary "media fast" and I am first checking out your blog. Amazed at what all I missed!

I am now praying that I will not spend all of my free time in the next few weeks reading the blog of SeoulTee, which looks extremely fascinating. This might put my efforts at self-control/discipline to the test. But I will prevail!