Thursday, February 06, 2014

Sleepless & Bored

Our pastor's sermon last Sunday night was on the perseverance of the saints, and among the beneficial self-disciplines he mentioned as an aid to spiritual growth was getting to bed on time, so that you aren't tempted to oversleep and waste the good hours of the day. Well, I was awake for maybe four hours on Tuesday (I had a telephone interview for a job I dearly want--there were so many applicants for the post that the hiring director interviewed eight via phone in order to whittle the number to a final three to be met with in person), but as consequence was super well-rested for Wednesday, and got a mountain of chores moved off my "to do" list.

Hoping to duplicate my success, I went to bed early last night...and dozed for just two hours before I came fully awake again.  I wish I could sleep at night, like most normal people!  I got up and checked lamp part prices online for a couple of hours, then went back and forth between cute YouTube cat videos and snippets of DramaFever romantic comedies, but nothing interests me at this hour.  What's really frustrating is that I've lost the ability to pretend myself into a story, like I could when I was a child and teenager, and fall asleep imagining I was in Badger's burrow from The Wind In The Willows, or snug in a sleigh in a blizzard, like Laura Ingalls Wilder.  So, I wiggle and wriggle for exactly the right comfy spot like I've done since infancy, but instead of curling up like a field mouse and hybernating, I end up stretched and twitching, a pea-sensitive princess on a mattress full of rocks.

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