Friday, March 28, 2014

Again, Phooey!

Instead of an email inviting me to enter their employment, this morning I got a note from the kidney people saying that they were continuing to interview candidates, and a decision should be made by the end of NEXT week as to whom they wanted to hire.  This is not encouraging, as clearly they were not so impressed that I was the right person for the job that they decided to ignore further applications from other job-seekers; in fact, they decided to delay their decision-making for a week.

My friend June is encouraging me to apply to teach English abroad, and given the way things are going domestically, that may well be where I end up.  My passport was due to expire at the end of this coming September, and so last night I filled out the renewal paperwork, got my picture taken at the local Walgreen's today, and immediately mailed off the application, my old passport, and a large check for all the fees to the expedited service at the Department of State.  Barring an unforeseen delay, I should have my new passport in less than two weeks.

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