Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Church YouTube Channel

I have really been out of the loop, but I found out this evening, after an excellent visiting choir of Korean children sang and Dr. Jang-whan "Billy" Kim preached at our Tuesday Missionary Conference meeting (to which I was late--missing much of the music but getting the whole message), that my home church has a YouTube channel!  So, I can go there in a week or so and watch what I missed earlier.  It won't be quite the same, of course, but the sound and picture is great--I've checked out excerpts of previous Sundays--I could even see myself in the choir, but thankfully not hear myself howling any "off" notes!  Check out the channel: First Pres Augusta.

Still haven't heard anything about the university job.  I've been keeping busy making lamps, wearing my mask and goggles for safety while I drill through glass, metal and wood, as I am having some allergy problems now that things are greening up in Georgia, and inhaling even more noxious substances would just compound my misery.  Tomorrow, I want to get a large mirror cut for my china cabinet, to replace the one broken in the move, and two pieces of glass for table tops.  This will not be cheap, but I've put the need off for two months and I need to get the last of my boxes unpacked, which depends on the cabinet, in particular, being restored to me.  I hope I get good employment news soon.


Barbara said...

I have watched several First Pres Augusta events on their YouTube channel after watching them in person. Such a great resource. As I had band practice last night and missed the Korean children's choir and message, I am looking forward to watching it later on YouTube.

Barbara said...

In my comment above, I meant to say that I watched several First Pres Augusta events on their YouTube channel after NOT being able to watch them in person. (!)